Helping a new player out?

Trading Name: Fez


Request: Gabite and Mawile

Further info: Need some help to start out the game with my fav Pokemon, if anyone is willing to help

i can give you free jolly gible if you want

sure i can breed one 4 you any specific movesets for them tho? 6IV ones

where are you at currently or what is ur average lvl of ur pokes

frogman i got both of what you need @FR0GMAN

Hey thank you very much I will be home from work at around 7 pm CST

ahh i cant my timezone is SGT so when ur 7pm is my 7am so id prob be sleeping cause i holiday . so can you be around 9pm? ill try my best to be around at 7-8

No problem I will be awake late so just msg when you wake up

im on right now

KK I m here

ok 1 sec im in a battle

ok im ready what is ur trade name(not ur trainer name)

do you know how to register and online trade account?

FR0GMAN is my Trainer Name

you have to click this

then this


after registered do the login

yea I did i m in there the FR0GMAN the o is a zero

ohh ok 1 sec ill go on

one second i need pokes to trade lmao

I m Ready

They say I ve reached the limit on how much I can reply

KK on it now sorry my shit crashed

thats werid you send it to me Yes TY so much can i add you??

It sure is buggy

Lol what is happening lmao

I have one