Help With Team

So I created a team and need suggestions on movesets, items, who I should make mega evolve, and if there are any better options. My current team is
Delta Volcarona image
Delta Haxorus image
Delta Chandelure image
Flygon image
Delta Bisharp image
btw, i made this team have coverage over all types ( i think )

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I would mega evo Flygon pft , I just love mega Flygon , about its move set, it should have:
Flygon @flygonite
Timid Nature
252 SpAtk/4 HP/252 Speed
Drakon Voice
Bug Buzz
Ancient Roar
Now for the rest of your team I will just let Sbeve tell their ideas


Wait, I actually pinged someone named Flygonite…


I like the team, imo you should mega flygon with a timid nature

  • boomburst
  • bug buzz
  • earth power
  • drakon voice (forgot the move existed)

I quite like using scarf on chand with a timid nature

  • moonblast
  • flamethrower
  • energy ball
  • flash cannon/earth power

I LOVE using a banded Delta hax set but I think you should use double dance/ sd
(life orb with strong jaw) jolly or adamant works fine

  • aqua jet, bullet punch
  • iron head/ ice fang/ poison fang
  • waterfall/ice fang/poison fang
    -crunch(if you decide to use band)/sd

For Bisharp I’d use wind force bulk up set with no item for acrobatics/LO or expert belt if you go for the less effective aerial ace you want a jolly nature as well

  • bulk up
  • high jump kick
  • aerial ace/acro
  • elemental punch

for d volc is so incredibly versatile but if you want something that’s a little different you can go for a bulky d volc set

D volc armor
bold nature

  • roost
  • toxic
  • u turn
  • sludge bomb/ dark pulse

Thanks for the movesets

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So, I agree that D. Volc should be this team’s tank, though Black Sludge may be more accessible, as the armor is only available post-E4, but you can get it immediately after. For D. Hax, he can afford to run a Choice Band variant, with Heavy Metal/Strong Jaw, moves being Heavy Slam/Iron Head, Aqua Jet(Bullet Punch is a vastly inferior option), Waterfall/Coverage(next slot), EQ/(Brick Break/Superpower/Low Kick)/(Crunch or Knock Off depends on if Strong Jaw or Heavy Metal)/Rock Slide/X-Scissor/Dragon Tail. I personally ran Dragon Tail and Knock Off/EQ/Brick Break, depending on the enemy. You can run DD or Double Dance, with Autotomize(Agility if Heavy Metal) and SD.

thanks, btw do you think there are any pokemon that are better than the ones i have planned right now? ( preferably the same type )

Don’t run Electivire, it’s options are very limited. Run a special electric type, and you don’t have to change anything else. Delta Gardevoir is a good option, as is Heliolisk. Heliolisk can give you a useful Water immunity, while D. Garde has the coveted BoltBeam as STAB.

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I prefer Hawlucha over D. Bisharp, as it is a better sweeper than non-mega Dsharp(Bsharp and Dsharp), however, sweeper is its only function and it is not nearly as versatile as Dsharp, who also provides a useful Flying immunity and can act as a Defog blocker in competitive.

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