Help with team

so i do a rather dumb thing with each pokemon game, being that i only use pokemon that i get attached to. for this game, its gone south pretty fast.

im currently training for Diana, and the pokemon that ive grown attached to are the following:

Claydol, Mightyena, Steelix, Heatmor, Serperior, Donphan (Mega), Delta Lampent

Odds are that im going to force myself to get attached to some better pokemon later on, but currently i dont really have much for that option.

my current team has everything on that list aside from claydol. does anyone have any suggestions for what i could try to add to it sometime in the future? (ideally something that isnt a fire or ground type; i have 3 grounds and will soon likely have 3 fires when i give my steelix the fire mega stone).

definite keepers so far are steelix, serperior, and mightyena. heatmor’s likely to go in the MVP box with claydol soon, and donphan might as well once i get the fire steelixite. lampent is also probably going to be boxed once i get attached to a better fairy type (if i ever do).

any help is appreciated. thanks.

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just beat diana, so im able to get anything until the next major event (please dont spoil what it is, i havent beaten the game yet)

i have made a new friend: delta bergmite. gonna add him in place of heatmor

I would really advise completely changing around your team. Do NOT box Donphan as it is one of, if not the most useful megas in the game. It’s ability allows it to hit types that would usually be immune, this means that you could hit flying types with earthquake, which is a very useful thing, as well as a crazy attacks and is a very good pokemon in general.

Delta Lampent is also an extremely good fairy type and has an amazing special attack stat as delta chandlure, which means it can be a crucial member of any team. You should get a shiny stone from the Helios department store and evolve it as soon as possible as it should be well past the level where it learns anymore good moves by level up.

Another question, why are you continuing to add pokemon that you are aware of being the same type and therefore similar weaknesses? This makes it easy for one pokemon to easily sweep your team, like you can do with most gym leaders in the main series games.

If you would like, I am able to breed any pokemon that you like (as long as it can be bred, including deltas)

Like you mentioned, you really should get ‘attached’ to some much better pokemon. Because of how hard it is, for this game in particular, I honestly think you should just start over in terms of planning your team, and maybe just try and use new pokemon instead of trying to base a team around your old ones.

I am sorry if I have offended you in any way in this reply, but what I am saying is to try your best not to get attached to your pokemon as, from what I can tell, you will most likely get stuck at some point in the near future if you continue to select your pokemon this way, as most of these pokemon have shared types and/or generally not great pokemon.

from what you said, you’re right with a lot of things. mega donphan has been amazing, not just in ability, but also with its boosted attack.

delta chandelure has been a key member for a lot of fights, so im likely keeping him too.

honestly i dont know why i keep adding same type pokemon. the challenge aspect of it is fun though in some regards, so i might be able to keep some repeats on my team until i find better members

im good on my own in terms of getting pokemon, thanks for the offer though.

honestly, yeah, ive been trying to find some workaround in my mind for what i can do to get attached. from what ive noticed though, only a few of the mons on my team (currently heatmor and one of the ground types, likely steelix though) need to be replaced, and theres a whole bunch of new things i can catch or gain access to.

i take no offense in this (hell, id have likely suggested the same thing if someone else asked a similar question). i have gotten stuck a few times, but ive ended up being able to get through with just a few levels (e.g. for the rain gym, i started at level 70, failed, so i trained to level 75 and won)

thanks for the help overall; ive been trying to find some new mons that i end up liking. if you’d like i can give some updates on my team for when i get new mons for it. currently, it’s: Serperior, Delta Chandelure, Mightyena, Steelix (Mega Fire | Likely to be replaced), Donphan (Mega), and Heatmor (Likely to be replaced), and ive just gotten past the point where the player disbands the infernal cult.

That sounds great! The main concern right now is the E4, and this is hard to beat, especially if it is your first time playing through. The problem is, your plan of overlevelling your pokemon won’t really work in the pokemon league, as the pokemon there will scale to the level of your highest level pokemon. That’s why it is important to have coverage for all types since that is probably what you will probably be relying on most when you face them. I would look at the teams in advance and try plan ahead so you don’t get stuck