Help with team?

Alright if you guys could give me some constructive feedback on the team im currently working on that would be great and i would really preciate it (Not in actual order)

Blaziken (Speed Boost) @ Leftovers -swords dance -Blaze Kick -Protect -Fire punch

Aegislash (Stance Change) @ Leftovers -Swords Dance -Kings sheild -shadow sneak (priority STAB) -sacred sword (can take on normal types)

Kingdra (Sniper) @ Scope Lens -Agility -Focus Energy -Draco Meteor -Scald

Togekiss (Serene Grace) @ Leftovers -Roost -thunder wave -air slash -aura sphere

Hypno (Insomnia) @ Wide Lens -hypnosis -dream eater -Psychic -barrier

Stunfisk (Sand Veil) @ Stunfiskite -Thunderbolt -Stealth Rocks -Protect -Mud Bomb

Why brave bird on blaziken, why not a fire move or a fighting move?Consider getting rid of baton pass and brave bird for double STAB
Why outrage on kingdra if you’re using 3 special attacks? Im guessing surf is for travel, so Ill ignore that.
Togekiss likes lefties or choice specs. Get rid of wish for roost, give it Aura sphere or dazzling gleam instead of grass knot, if choice specs dont go roost/twave, add fire blast
Note your hypno cant attack until you hit an hypnosis. Not reliable enough imo
You need something to deal with electric or poison, so aim for a ground type. Dont think there are any ground type mega stones atm though

mega tyranitar possibly? also i figured i could wish on togekiss to have blaziken heal when i put him in idk im bad at this, first time. ty though

You could add Mega Stunfisk if you wanted to! It’s a Ground/Electric dual type with insane defences/Sp.Atk.

I’d teach Focus Energy + Agility to Kingdra, as well as give it a Scope Lens. Agility for the speed, and Focus Energy + Scope Lens makes sure that every one of Kingdra’s attacks are critical hits. I’d then switch out Scald/Surf and Outrage for Focus Energy + Draco Meteor, and maybe switch out Flash Cannon for Agility.

thank you very much!

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