Help with Reukra

Can somone tell me a strategy for Reukra? I can’t beat him for 20th time! Amd is there a bug, beacouse I looked in the wiki for his team and the team he is using is for Normal difficulty(I’m on easy)?

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I don’t know for sure if this will work since I haven’t reached him yet, but this is what I suggest:

Tyranitar: A fighting type holding an air balloon/levitates

Haxorus: Water type with fighting/electric/ground move, it can be a flying/levitating Pokemon or a Pokemon with an air balloon

Kyurem: I don’t know, but maybe trick it into using the dragon type move and get a fairy type out

Mewtwo: Azumarill with a fairy move (I think) or any dark pokemon that can learn a bug move

Volcarona: Mold breaking excadrill

Flygon: Togekiss or any fairy I guess

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Thank you very much! :smile:

No problem! :+1:

Whats your current team?

the wiki is buggy on the league everybody has a team on normal difficulty The ites changed the only thing that hasn’t changed is the mon’s level get a bug type and a delta bisharp EV train it 2 times and max out it’s Atk IV If it has superpower it’s enough to one shot if it mega evolves

I have a larvesta in my friend safari if you pursue him he uses shadow mewtwo and volcarona(REGULAR) is good against it

SupaWenis It’s Delta Charizard, Delta Gallade, Delta Frosslas, Delta Snorlax, Delta Muk and Delta Haxorus

What level pokemon does Reukra use on 1st battle?