Help with item exchange quest

Hey! New account so hello world!

I’m an italian guy who just got into the pokemon hacks world with insurgence and I’m really loving this game!

Unfortunately though I encountered a couple of bugs who got me stuck in a situation:
Even though I have the Sinnoh Visa, the scientist outside the laboratory where I’m supposed to find Genesect is not helping with his basement key. Any idea on how to get him cooperate? Alternatively, is there another way for me to get through the gates of the laboratory?

Another problem I encountered is with Delta Turtwig. The guy spawned the first, the second and the third time, and after a while checking around in the Holon Lake I decided to check on Google Lake and found out it didn’t spawn where he was supposed to. Can I ask someone to give me an egg of him?

I don’t know if this is the right section to post this so… sorry to any of the admin looking at this if I’m wrong!