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Help with end game team movesets


ok, so i kinda screwed myself. im at the champion and im having a real ruff go. i would really like to beat him with what i have, i really dont want to go through the e4 again, but what i have is not great. i have a delta charizard, with dragon pulse, shadow ball, scratch, lunar cannon, and holding delta charizardite. then i have delta galade, with ice punch, thunder ounch, nuzzle, icicle crash, and holding a magnet. then i have delta luxray, with iron head, poison jab, earthquake, crunch, and holding leftovers. and finally i have mew with psychic, dazzling gleam, flamethrower, dark pulse, and holding a shell bell. the last two pokemon are junk i use for healing. it might sound impossible with only 4 real pokemon, but i got through the elite 4 with them, and i think i can get through the champion if they just had the right moveset and items.


I suggest giving the delta Christensen pulse of dark matter.