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Help with elite four


I need some help with the elite four can anyone help please


What type of help are you looking for exactly?


any kind I’m stuck on it and I don’t really want to go through catching and training a new team


What does your team look like?


and I wasted all the trainers in the region


tyranitar with armor,thunderous,mew,giratina,delta golem,delta charizzard with mega stone


Held Items and Movepools would be nice to see :S Only so much can be inferred off of the mons themselves.


mew/ancient power,psychic,anmisa,hypnosis delta golem/zen headbutt,rock wrecker, hammer arm, double edge tyranitar/iteam tyranitar armor/crunch,earthquake,sstone egde,hyper beam thunders/agilty,thunder,fly,crunch giratina/arua sphere,hex,shadow claw, shadow force delta charizard/iitem delta charizardite/shadow ball,phantom force, outrage,lunar cannon


I’m guessing I could always trade my pokemon


I now can transform giratina into primal form I just don’t now how


If you have a crystal piece and make him hold it he will transform automatically, and that would be a great addition since primal giratina is really good


You also don’t need both shadow claw and hex on giratina. I suggest that you replace shadow claw with either will o wisp or t wave so you will get the boost on hex.


um where do I get the crystal piec and thanks for the move set advice


Go to the Crystal Caves and beat the Timeless.


they sad not to come back until after I beat the elite four for the first time but ok


Yeah you need to beat the Elite 4 first.


you need crystal fragments to turn it into Primal Giratina, you don’t get those till you beat the Champion.

Dragon Dance would probably benefit Tyranitar more than Hyper Beam, Delta Golem could probably go with something that isn’t Double Edge, although that’d be personal preference(as I personally dislike recoil/2 turn type attacks, don’t use D. Golem either, so I don’t know the movepool well enough to give another option). Delta Charizard is a special attacker, so phantom force could be something else.émon_League is updated to show all the E-4 battles, I’d recommend not clicking on it unless you want some spoilers/don’t care, but it helps to design a team. use the Memory Chamber/Sonata Race Tracks and grind a bunch of money to buy Revives and Full Restores couldn’t be terrible either, depending on your financial situation.

As for the team, look at your pokemon’s moves, and figure out the coverage(I’d do it for you, but I’m in the middle of life related things, hence why this response is taking so long). I can tell you from a quick glance that you’ve got a glaring weakness to ghost/dark type attacks, nothing to handle Fairy type pokemon(Thinking along the lines of Sylveon), and all of your pokemon should be holding something, you can find a lot of competitive items throughout the story, and by talking to the pokemon in the buildings(I think I had 1 black sludge, 2 leftovers, 2 choice items(Scarf and Specs), a Life Orb, and a metric ton of Mega Stones by the time I got to the E-4).

Again, so sorry this took so long to get out D:


Replace Ancient Power on Mew with Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot, or Calm Mind.

Replace Rock Wrecker on Delta Golem with another physical Rock attack.

Replace Hyper Beam on Tyranitar with Superpower, Fire Blast, or Stealth Rock.

Give Thundurus Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Livewire, and Focus Blast or Wild Charge, Bulk Up, Fly, and Superpower/Hammer Arm.

Get rid of Shadow Claw and Shadow Force on Giratina and replace them with Thunder Wave and Draco Meteor.

Delta Charizard’s role is taken by Giratina, so replace this with something else.


thanks for the advice


ok here is my new team disien delta bishop or spider delta metagross greninja or delta trevant mew/iteam shell bell thunderus/ leftovers giratina/ iteam shadow tag tyranitar/ iteam tranitar armor. I still need to train a little bit more before the elite four but what do you think I also have a shednija