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Help With Elite 4

I need help with the Elite 4. My initial plan was to see what the most common type disadvantages were among the Elite 4 and form a team-based around that. However, once I got to the first member of the Elite 4, Kayla (the one that uses baton pass), my team seems to be constantly fainting. Especially if put up against her Sylveon with Stored Power. Are you able to provide help with any strategies that I could use? Listed below is my team as well as their moves and level if that may be of any help.

  • Lucario (lv89) Close Combat, Bullet Punch, Shadow Claw, and Ice Punch
  • Delta Snorlax (lv88) Earthquake, Drain Punch, Seed Bomb, and Belly Drum
  • Spiritomb (lv89) Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force, and Dark Pulse
  • Swampert (lv88) Scald, Whirlpool, Stealth Rock, and Earthquake
  • Chandelure (lv88) Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Hex, and Shadow Ball
  • Ninjask (lv89) X-Scissor, Bug Bite, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance

i would like natures and evs too

i can recommed u
Scizor sworddance+bullet punch is good
for snorlax ur set is fine but i would do bulk up instead of BD
lucario is practically useless without mega

Here you go. However, I would like to add that I have never been too interested in natures or evs, so unless you think this would be a very useful thing to consider I would prefer not to worry too much about these.

  • Lucario (Naive nature) HP 252/24, Atk 7/21, Def 3/30, Sp Atk 4/2, Sp Def 1/17, and Speed 1/13
  • D Snorlax (Rash nature) 252/16, 1/28, 6/1, 10/26, 2/25, and 0/30
  • Spiritomb (Impish nature) 252/3, 3/30, 4/6, 2/2, 0/20, and 0/10
  • Swampert (Adamant nature) 252/31, 0/30, 1/21, 0/21, 0/12, and 0/27
  • Chandelure (Brave nature) 252/10, 0/26, 1/9, 4/3, 0/7, and 2/31
  • Ninjask (Impish nature) 252/10, 0/30, 0/25, 0/16, 0/9, and 0/19

If I were to add Scizor to my party who should it replace? (Lucario for the steel advantage or Ninjask for the Bug advantage?)

I agree that Lucario would be more useful with its mega, and my original plan was to include mega, but I found out that a few were only available post elite four.

both replace ninjask with armored tyranitar

What kind of moves would say work best with the Armored Tyranitar?

superpower,stealth rock, stone edge,crunch/pursuit

Alright, thanks for your help!

Fwiw, taunt destroys Kayla. A fast mon like m gardevoir or gengar can beat most of her team if u taunt mons as they come in

what about adding a mega khangaskhan