Help With elite 4 plz

My team is
Mew(focus sash.)
Nasty plot
Dazziling gleam
baton pass
D Haxorus (life orb)
Aqua tail
metal burst
swords dance
Lucario (leftovers)
Iron head
extreme speed
dragon pulse
force palm
Tyranitar (armour)
Rock slide
giga impact
Arcanine (charcoal)
Heat wave
D charizard (Mega stone)
Dragon pulse
shadow claw
phantom force

Am looking for any hel, moves stratagies, new pokemon, i can only beat kayle half the time and get nowhere near beating anyone else

As you have no legendaries i guess this is the first time you’re facing E4 in the game… I believe I used a DRAGONIFY team - I got it from the game corner - I used Taunt to beat the baton pass team! I can’t remember the exact team i used but it included - Greninja to start with Taunt… Delta Arcanine -Best Non Lego Pokemon on the game - Swords Dance, Extreme Speed, Earthquake, Outragew/lumberry or Protect/ChoiceScarf - - Get good coverage move coverage a mixture of special/physical attackers and teach Dragonify to as many as you can, make sure to use it and all dragon/fairy/Ice moves will be Super Effective !

Good Luck let me know how you get on!

All the new dragon moves do little damage although being super effective the only pokemon that actually does damage is D charizard

got close
to beating yuki and london tho

This might help, it might be awful! :slight_smile:

Mew (Leftovers)
-Baton Pass
-Swords Dance

D.Haxorus (Focus Sash)
-Swords Dance
-Aqua Tail
-Dragon Tail

D.Arcanine (Lum Berry) - Available to trade any Level 52 Pokemon in Narra Town
-Swords Dance
-Extreme Speed

D.Charizard (D.Charizardite)
-Dark Pulse
-Phantom Force
-Draco Meteor

Arcanine (Lum Berry/Life Orb)
-Agility/Sunny Day/Will-O-Wisp
-Outrage (Can only learn as Growlithe)
-Flare Blitz (Can only learn as Growlithe)

Tyranitar (Tyranitar Armor)
-Stone Edge

My delta arcanine barely got the chance to learn any of those moves, i think i changed it into arcanine too late

I also don’t have dragon tail do you know where the tm’s are for these if any

Not sure if it was pre/post E4 - If it is post then the point of Dragon Tail is to switch out a pokemon that has boosted stats it work like roar or whirlwind. Maybe teach it Taunt and use it on Smeargle.

Top Tip: Use A Move Re-Learner in the Secret Base to learn some “Starting Moves” of some pokemon. - You need a Heart Scale for each move re-learned but you can farm these with a knocked out butterfree at the start of your party and then any pokemon with covet second (can be learned at move tutor in the library off the top of my head)), then head to Midna Mine and use a super rod to hook a Luvdisc. You can steal its heart scale then run. Take the heart scale off your pokemon and go fishing again! - It gets easier to get Heart Scales later in the game! I think you can get some from smashing rocks too?!

Move Tutor - The Pokemon Insurgence Wiki - List of moves and tutor locations.

If you’re looking for new Pokemon for the team - Garchomp is awesome. Delta Lilligant (fire) is pretty badass for the typing - Also learns Scald which has a chance to burn. Haxorus with Mold Breaker is good to have against any difficult abilities like levitate. Hydreigon - If you have done the TV presenter missions you get a shiny Deino - Dragonite.

My favourite Pokemon if you’re up for a mission maybe while breeding some pokemon is Spiritomb - You can catch one easily enough in the Friend Safari and keep going until you find one with Noctem - You will know because it makes the weather go dark. Then visit ONE HUNDRED!!! random friend bases and collect the flags - Give them to the Flag Guy to get loads of rewards including a spiritombite - So when Spiritomb goes into battle he turns the sky dark with Noctem, then mega evolves and his ability changes to get a 30% boost in damage dealing physical attacks, Add STAB and bonus from darkness and Sucker Punch will 1HKO most pokemon - Phantom Force, Confuse Ray and Memento!