Help with Delta Haxorus

Ok so here is what I have right now but its completely the wrong size and the pixel sizes are all over the place (combining 2x2 pixels with 1x1) I’m not sure how to tidy it all up, any help?


Here ya go, I made the pixels 1x1 and fixed the pixels that disappeared as a result, then made it 2x2 again. I would suggest making your sprite in 1x1 and the adjusting it to 2x2

Thanks dude much appreciated.

that does not look like a delta, it looks more like a fusion between haxorus and aggron. And fusions are not allowed. Edit: after taking a closer look, i also see parts of bisharp and garchomp, way to many obvious splices of other mons.

its easy to point out little bits of pokemon, to be honest it does not look like a fusion pokemon what so ever

It really does look like a fusion. Like a half aggron half haxorous baby.