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Help the doge boi make his Delta Team!

Doge is bored, therefore Doge will find something to do.
Doge has found something to do.

I need help deciding a 6th member of my Delta squad.
I’ll make a list of what coverage I do and do not have.

  • Fire ✓ (D. Camerupt)
  • Water ✓ (D. Magmortar)
  • Grass ✓ (Covered by D. Mismagius, D. Magmortar)
  • Electric ✓ (D. Mismagius)
  • Ice ✓ (D. Mismagius)
  • Rock ✓ (Covered by D. Mismagius, D. Camerupt, D. Magmortar)
  • Ground ✓ (D. Spidergross)
  • Dragon ✓ (D. Arcanine)
  • Flying ✓ (Covered by D. Mismagius, D. Camerupt)
  • Normal ✓ (D. Arcanine)
  • Psychic ✓ (Covered by D. Mismagius, D. Spidergross)
  • Dark ✓ (D. Camerupt)
  • Fighting ✓ (D. Magmortar)
  • Fairy ✓ (D. Mismagius)
  • Steel ✓ (D. Magmortar)
  • Bug ✓ (D. Spidergross)
  • Ghost ✓ (D. Magmortar)
  • Poison ✓ (D. Spidergross)

as you see i have a problem because my 5-man squad can roll the wheels of a bus and more lmao

I’m thinking about D. Blaz or D. Ruingross (Crystallization).

pls pick for me i am suffering

  • Delta Blaziken
  • Delta Metagross (RUIN)

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At this point, go for whatever you want mate. Your team is in your hands.

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putting back to the top of Team Discussions :3

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