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Help please

i have just started the game, and in the darkrai cult base the blood on floor and darkrai statues are not present. Am i stupid or does it appear later all i can see is a darkrai costume that i cant do anything with

Are you in Light or Dark Mode? I think the blood is only in Dark Mode, but I never played Light Mode so I’m not sure.

…I think it’s called “Traditional Mode” mate

You sure? I always thought it was Light. But anyway, whichever it is, my point still stands.

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I’m a hundred percent sure. I just started a run remember?

Oh. Right. Sorry; haven’t started a new game in Insurgence in a while.

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wait so light mode is unplayable

Well, you’ll wanna restart you’re save

Cause you can’t switch modes during the gameplay. And since you haven’t progressed that far, you should be able to finish what you did fairly soon.

youre probably iin traditional mode. in dark mode you use the blood to obtain the dna to continue and in traditional you obtain the darkrai cultist dna from the costume

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You stole the solution from steel…

yeah, cuz steel said they didnt know much about light or traditional mode. i explained it further so i gave myself the solution

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Yeah, that’s fair. Plus, I don’t really care. Do what you want.