Help needed

I am not able to catch Thundurus…i have used almost 50 ultra balls…what should i do??

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Have you saved before battling it? @Shrey

Yes i have

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Do you have a pokemon with Sleep powder

Or any other move that’s makes the opponent sleep

I have hypnosis and yawn moves

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Okie, was it at red health?

I left it to 1 hp

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You are just being unlucky I guess, it has happened to me with cresselia, it took over 60 ultra-ancient balls to catch it @Shrey

Fast Balls give you a decent % of catching (~double than Ultras), so you could give those a try. Less effective but still ~50% better than Ultra are Dusk Balls at night/New Moon.

From where do i gethiking boots?

In the post game

What is post game??

After the Pokemon League @Shrey

Then how do i climb the sketchy rocks??

You don’t have to do it, in order to progress in the game

Not the real rocks which show climbable…those which show rough surface but nothing happens on clikeing on them…u understand what i mean to say??

Could you show a screen shot pls

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This are not rocks,