Help me to evolve my Boldore

Trading Name: NotAqua

I need help to evolve my Boldore. Can anyone help me?

Find me on discord’s trading room :wink:

I’m not in the Discord. How do I enter it?

Click on, the discord button and create an account, but we can do the trade here if you want, my trade name is KiritoXSword, and yours?

Trading name: NotAqua

I’m joining it.

It says I need to be a member for at least 10 minutes to send messages.

Not a problem, let’s do the trade here :wink:

Ok then.

On your go

Hang on. My game crashed

No prob

I’ve sent a request to trade

I’m waiting for you to accept it

Wait, I’m learning him some TMs to help you :wink:

Oh, thanks!

Go, by the way, I learned him Rock Tomb.

Wtf, I can’t select the Charmander

The cursor is over my Pokemon

You can send me any Pokemon, but if you want, we can retry

Have fun :wink: