Help me improve my team

Not necessarily looking to play competitively, I’ve just been having fun building strong teams after I finish playing through a game.

  • Delta Gardevoir (Delta Gardevoirite) - Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Energy Ball (?)
  • Aegislash (Leftovers) - Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Iron Head, Sacred Sword
  • Volcarona (Charcoal) - Heat Wave, Bug Buzz, Hurricane, Psychic (?)
  • Salamence (Leftovers) - Crunch, Dragon Claw, Zen Headbutt, Fly
  • Rhyperior (Soft Sand) - Earthquake, Megahorn, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm
  • Greninja (Wave Incense) - Surf, Extrasensory, Ice Beam, Grass Knot

Not really attached to anything so I’m open to making changes anywhere. The biggest question marks for me would probably be Rhyperior (I was using Tyranitar before but wasn’t really feeling him. Rhyperior gives me another Bug and Fighting type even though he’s slower) and Volcarona. Possibly Salamence as well but I couldn’t figure out another way to incorporate Fly without giving up something more beneficial.

You shouldn’t be using wave inscense, the damage boost is minimal.

What would you suggest instead? I’m not a huge fan of items that aren’t a permanent boost or cause damage to me so I’d prefer to avoid things like Air Balloon or Life Orb and the like.

Since greninja’s thing is changing type to have the advantage, you could have expert belt.

Delta Gardevoir - Energy Ball is pretty redundant in terms of coverage - STAB Thunderbolt hits Water types harder, STAB Ice Beam hits Ground types harder, and there aren’t enough mono-Rock Pokemon to really justify it. Focus Blast would be a much more relevant coverage option, or you could always run Calm Mind for setup.

Aegislash - Night Slash literally only adds Girafarig and Meloetta to your super effective coverage, so maybe consider King’s Shield instead.

Volcarona - Quiver Dance is an amazing setup move that will allow Volc to sweep through many trainers. I would recommend Flamethrower > Heat Wave for the accuracy as well.

Salamence - Earthquake over Crunch would be great to hit Steel types that would otherwise give you some trouble.

Rhyperior - Your team has decent answers to pretty much all attack types thanks to the good defensive synergy between Aegislash and Salamence. That being said, if you’re looking to replace Rhyperior you could probably do with one less Ground weakness. For a bulkier option, you could go with something like Hippowdon, or since you have 4 ice resistances already you could opt for the more offensive Garchomp.

Greninja - Moves look good, however if you’re Protean then a Life Orb will really increase Greninja’s ability to OHKO weaker mons.

Focus Blast does seem like a better alternative on Delta Gardevoir. The accuracy hurts a little but you’re right in Energy Ball not being very useful on her. I guess I could always go back to Psychic as well.

How would I go about breeding Flamethrower and Earthquake onto Volcarona and Salamence? I’m not very educated on egg moves and breeding. I’ve been meaning to breed a new Volcarona since mine is Impish nature anyway. I guess Tyrantrum for Earthquake but I can’t figure out Flamethrower.

Regarding Earthquake, Bagon is unable to learn it from TM so it can not be passed on, you will have to wait for update 1.2. and give it directly to Salamence.

From what I can see Larvesta is unable to learn flamethrower because no other pokemon in the bug group can learn it, i may have overlooked it though. So again, you would have to wait for the TM. You could consider just using heat wave, with 5 more base power, but less accuracy or fiery dance for the possible boost, but less base.

That’s what I was thinking, thanks.

giga drain, quiver dance, fiery dance, bug buzz in volcarona

Giga Drain is a good call actually. Didn’t think of that. Although I’m going to have to wait for the TM or a move tutor for that, I think.