Help me fix my team to beat Audrey!

I need help beating Audrey in the Abyssal Base. This is when she has the Kyogre on the Team. My team is all at least level 55 but they keep losing. My team is Breloom, Rotom(Normal), Delta Venasaur, Mega Typhlosion, Delta Haxorus and Delta Scizor. Audrey’s team is Lanturn, Ludicolo, Kyogre, Mega Craudant, Kingdra and Alakazam. I can easily beat Lanturn with my Breloom. She usually goes straight for toxic or thunder wave. I can also beaT Ludicolo by spamming Ice shard and Icicle Crash. I can also beat Mega Craudant by using Crosschop from Scizor. Her alakazam is super annoying to beat. I have to use leech seed the spam Moo blasts from Venasaur. Then her Kyogre sweeps everyone else. It is faster than everyone. My fastest is Typhlosion wich is still slower. I can only hope she misses and I hit Wild Charge but she still has over half life left! What do I do? SHould I change my team, if so, into what?

Use Mega D. Venu, with Calm Mind, Psychic/Psyshock, Shadow Ball, and Moonblast. If you remove her Crawdaunt with Cross Chop, you can set Leech Seed/Spore from Breloom, then set up on it, or just straight set up on it. Personally, I would replace D. Scizor in the long run, and are you running normal or delta Typhlosion? Typhlosion is usually a good mega, but only if you have HP Grass. You will want to trade Rotom and D. Scizor for D. Gardevoir, who can do what those 2 do, but better, Breloom is OK, but only if you have Toxic Heal, Spore, Sub, Focus Punch, and Seed Bomb. Otherwise trade it for Delta Snorlax.

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pretty sure they didn’t level up shroomish to 40 for spore lol

also getting him to swap out a pkmn when this is most likely normal mode

you may want to get a temporary storm drain/water absorb pokemon to suck in water moves, preferably gastrodon

you also may just want to set up with mega venu and spam healing items

its so easy my team which is not good as said by many ppls defeat it in first go

2 options.

  1. Get a very speedy and strong Electric/Grass mon and Pray to god that you can ohko or you will lose.
  2. Get a very TANKY Electric/Grass mon and tank hits while chipping away.

Honestly like @ezlaturbo said, I would replace Breloom for D. Snorlax. Actually, I always thought of breloom as a weak mushroom stupid looking pokemon lol. No offense to anyone who likes it but…there are better grass types. Any of the starters work as an amazing choice. I would go for this set on one of my most fave mons of all time.

Chesnaught @ Leftovers
Ability: Overgrow
252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 Sp.Def

  • Spiky Shield
  • Leech Seed
  • Seed Bomb
  • Drain Punch

This is my opinion so, check it out!

Okay boss

First of all, Breloom is actually better than Chesnaught for 2 main reasons. It’s annoying. And if it gets a Sub up, it can almost guarantee a KO. Or at least put one of your opponenets to sleep. It has Toxic Heal, and Spore, 2 of the most coveted weapons, which is why Amoongus is OU. It’s just really bad if you don’t have Poison Heal, as it’s techinican sets, while not bad, are very lackluster in damage output., Anyways, your best option if you don’t change anything is to set up on Alakazam, then heal after 2 or 3 CMs, then 1 shot with Shadow Ball, and continue sweeping. You could continue to set up on Kyogre to take out her Lugia, but it may not be needed. You could solo this with M. D. Venu and 3-4 Hyper Potions, setting up 2 CMs on the Lanturn, then KOing and healing off the status and damage the next turn. You should then be able to sweep the rest of her team, healing occasionally.

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Many people said to get Delta Snorlax so ima get it

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Get Impish or Adamant.

I’d get Adamant and run the CurseLax spread, with Bulk Up, Seed Bomb, EQ, Drain Punch/Synthesis.

Oh, and Thick Fat is the best ability as Grass isn’t the best STAB.

Only if EV trained in defense, otherwise, it gets oneshot before you can heal next turn.
Lack luster Defense, Great HP, Amazing SpD. See the problem? If he gets hit by any strong physical attack on the Belly Drum turn, capable of 2HKOing him, unless you manually heal him, he gets KOd the nest turn.

I am running a normal Typhlosion that has Eruption, flamethrower, quick attack and Wild Charge. I had a grass Custom Attack from the Helios sewers but I switched it for wild charge. Quick attack is for when I get unlucky and there is only a little heart left for a Pokémon and they are faster. CoughAlakazamCough.

Typhlosion is a special mon, I believe the best set if you are to mega evo it has Eruption, Fire Blast/Flamethrower, HP Grass, and Earth Power.

Okay thanks

typhlosio doesn’t even learn earth power lol it just learns mud slap

sorry, Focus Blast. Got it mixed up with Heatran.

mud slap typhlosion new meta

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the god like accuracy drops