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Help me finish my team


Hello, I’ve recently started Insurgence and have been playing non-stop since then. I’m currently on the 4th gym in Sonata city and have been looking to fill in the last two slots in my party. Right now, my team consists of a Steelix, Azumarill, Mega Delta Charizard, Delta Scizor and Delta Snorlax. I’m willing to part ways with my Steelix and possibly the Snorlax since they both have not been performing very well lately. The Deltas I have are Ralts, Aipom, Pidgey, Budew, Axew and Combee. I also have a high level Skuntank in the daycare. Please tell me how to improve this team! Thanks!


If you don’t mind the struggles or have the money, go to the game corner in amphitrite city and get yourself the delta misdreavus if you can afford it, I used a delta mismagius in my game and it was very good (Ice/Fairy)

EDIT: I know you have a delta scizor, but make the scizor more concentrated towards fighting type moves (hone claws, icicle crash, close combat, and Drain punch) and you’ll have good coverage


what was your moveset for the mismagius? I’m trying to build one…


if you wait until level 46 with misdreavus, you can get moves like frost breath (about 100 power), moonblast, hyper voice, and thunderbolt by TM after beating anastsia (5th Gym). Hope I Could help :smile:

PS. Do you have a delta bergmite you could give me, i dont have much to trade, but i REAlly Need it, if you would be so grateful it would fill me with joy :slight_smile:


I don’t know where to find bergmite… And thank you!! My mismagius has those moves, but I wanted it to have chatter to confuse the enemies. Sadly chatter doesn’t work for some reason.


If I told you where to find it, would you lend me a hand.

PS. Chatter doesnt work becaause the move is exclusive to chatot, it will not work for any other pokemon


you find bergmite in the dragon ruins by using tesseract onthe red time warp thingy, but go prepared, it has roar, bring a pokemon with mean look or something with the same effects :slight_smile:


It’s not exclusive to chatot. And uh… I wish you told me about the roar earlier… Mine is gone too




mismagius learns chatter


im sorry


Lol It’s ok


Delta Gardevoir is great later with Calreath in Amphirite.