Help me complete the Pokedex!

Trading Name: HazelViolet

Offer: Any Pokemon. I have all except:

Request: Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Squirtle, Delta Scraggy, and Delta Chinchou

Further info: These are the only things I’m missing from the Pokedex. If you have any and breed them with Delta Ditto I’ll give you anything you might need for your Pokedex in exchange.

I have a Delta Scraggy lvl 1, i want a Kyogre just for the pokedex and capture Rayquaza after that i give it back to you and you can keep the D.Scraggy
My tradename is Rakurai

@VelanDio alright sounds good let me know when you’re online and we can trade

Im available for the next hours so when you want it just tell me, and i also get the delta bulbasaur and delta chinchou for later but im also looking for the delta squirtle

@VelanDio I’m on now. Waiting for a trade.

Ok lets do it

@VelanDio I’m here

Ok send me the trade

It says you are not online.

Thats weird im hereW

@VelanDio send a trade to me HazelViolet

It stucks here

@VelanDio huh. I don’t know why this isn’t working. Maybe we should both restart the game and try again?

Better, maybe try sending the trade both?

@VelanDio I’m spamming the trade button. It still says you are offline for me

Are you using the name Rakurai?

Yes I am

Lets write the other name and press enter at the same time, when you send the next message i press enter

alright go

perhaps we need to be on the same version to trade? what update version are you on?