Help me build a team around mega Flygon

I absolutely love the mega flygon in this game and it is kind of the staple of my team. I’m trying to get as much type coverage and keep a good balance between special attackers/physical attackers/tanks. So far I have this:

1.Flygon (Flygonite)
-Drakon voice
-Ancient roar
-Bug buzz

2.Delta Venusaur (Leftovers)
-Calm mind

3.Delta Gardevoir (Never-melt ice) (Might change to D. Gallade to have more physical attackers)
-Calm mind
-Ice beam

4.Feraligatr (IDK) (Want to change to milotic, but don’t want to get rid of a physical attacker)
-Ice fang
-Hydro pump

5.Charizard (Charcoal)
-Wing attack
-Flame burst

6.Bisharp (Something)
-Night slash
-Iron head
-Swords dance

What would you change about my team?

Well, feraligatr gets a mega, so it’s really usefull

@Typhlosionchamp But is it worth for him to even hold a mega stone if the mega I’ll mostly use is Flygon’s? His moveset is made for the ability that M.Flygon has.

You have good coverage for what M-Flygon is weak to (consider replacing Earthquake with Earth Power as I think it should hit harder with M-Flygon being special attack based). I’d maybe swap the Charm/Nuzzle on D. Gardevoir to Livewire. I personally like Feraligatr with Aqua Jet for a priority move due to his slow speed as well as Swords Dance to boost his already high attack, but that’s up to you. I would also suggest replacing Charizard with something that isn’t weak to rock-type moves to reduce your weakness to them (perhaps D. Aggron, D. Vespiquen, Emboar, Blaziken, or Infernape).

Edit: Ground-type weakness would also be an area of concern with D. Gardevoir and Bisharp both having weakness to it (along with any of the replacements I mentioned for Charizard).

The bisharp isn’t a decided team member. I just picked him for more type coverage. I do agree with your suggestions though. Thanks <3

it might be worth changing

Delta Venusaur
Regular Gardevoir as it stats arefor the move set as you can use your D.venusaur perfect on a gardevoir unless you really want the tankyness Venusaur brings

and maybe change feraligatr for a
Protean Greninja id say quick claw or choice scarf
Secret move from black market make it ice
Aqua jet
close combat or superpower
dark pulse

teach charzard dragonify in that anything slot will make flygon stab dragon move much more affective

Dragonify changes the target’s type to pure Dragon; the effect lasts as long as the target is in battle, and changing form or transforming will also remove the effect.

Dragonify does not affect Pokémon with the Ability Multitype. Dragonify fails if used on a substitute.

give charzard flare blitz instead of flame burst for more physical moves and maybe change bisharp to lucario or scizor