Help improving team

just got to helios city, here’s my current team.

gallade 43 (leaf blade, swords dance, night slash, psycho cut) delta gardevoir 46 (cm, boltbeam, moonblast) delta zard 44 (dd, shadow sneak, shadow ball, dragon breath)

i’m really sold on gallade and gardevoir but i’m not sure how much longer zard will hold on because of its super shitty ivs and nature. wondering what other cute (planning on building my team around mega milotic once i get a better team) or strong pokemon i could catch. not really interested in mons that can mega evolve since that slot will be for milotic. basically just need 1) a replacement for zard and 2) a cute pokemon that isn’t complete shit. by the way i really hate when i have types overlapping and it would be great if they synergize well with what i already have and i hate ugly pokemon. also i get super nostalgic for most gen 3 mons (not the shitty ones…) and love the cuties so much. thanks! :smiley: also don’t want to use gengar or alakazam, used those last time.

You can get Milotic, but it’s after you beat the demo. You also can’t get it’s mega stone as of now. You are really close to getting Charizard’s mega evolution, which makes him worth keeping. Delta gardevoir is also going to be amazing and will do you wonders for two important upcoming fights. I suggest training until 50 with the Level Trainer in a secret base and expanding your team with flying counters. I recommend going to a flying counter friend safari and finding suitable pokemon. Some examples of cute flying counters who are in the friend safari, in my opinion, include Amaura, Lapras, Emolga, Dedenne, Rotom, and Luxio. As for Zard replacements, look for Noibat, Swablu, Seadra, and Sableye.

i don’t really see the point in needing a flying check/counter especially when i have a boltbeam user capable of boosting its attack further but i will go with altaria especially since i get the megastone super quickly

any ideas on a moveset? i like the idea of dpulse + moonblast but im not sure what else would be decent on it.

also are there any good pokemon i will see in the near future? would love to know what options i have next

If you’re going for mega altaria, hyper voice or return is better than moonblast cause of pixilate. (make sure it’s at max happiness for return) I don’t think you can get hyper voice yet though, cause that’s an unavailable move tutor

Some good moves on altaria include fly, moonblast, dragon pulse, and dragon dance. A varied moveset will help you with upcoming battles. Upcoming pokemon that may interest you include Swampert, Lapras, Lanturn, Honedge, Fennekin, and Gyarados. Fly will also help act as a utility, granted you have the HM which requires you to talk to strangers.

gonna run dual stab dd and return, thank you all! will replace moonblast once hyper voice is available

thanks for the options, will probably just stick with three mons at the moment, might scan through the available mons for something to use later on

If you’re going to use dragon dance, go all out physical and don’t add in hyper voice.

Sky attack is a terrible move, it’s arguably even worse than hyper beam, since you are vulnerable before the turn you use it, which gives your opponent a chance to knock the pokemon out before it can even attack.

i meant to run dpulse moonblast (until i get hyper voice) dragon dance and return.

If you’re running dragon dance, you should aim for all physical set of dragon dance/earthquake/return/roost or fire blast. If you run dragon pulse and hyper voice, you’re really not taking advantage from the boosts you’d receive from the dragon dances, which gives altaria the potential to sweep.

not really sure how i’m going to get eq or fire blast.

First off, make sure to give gallade close combat when it learns it. Next, there’s hardly any point in keeping moonblast on delta gardevoir. I’d give it livewire as a form of entry hazard. As for the replacement for delta charizard, mega altaria is a viable replacement for now.

Earthquake is unavailable at the moment, so a replacement is fine.

Yeah def go all physical if you have dragon dance. I’d use megastone’s set (smogon lol) or dragon dance/return/dragon claw or outrage/roost or eq. idk how well that works but just wanted to show that dual stab was possible