Help im stuck in the infernal cults base

long story short, my team is pretty underleveled and i found out the hard way when i lost to the cult leader MULTIPLE times. I just need a way to go back to a point where i can level up my pokemon because i unfortunately cant leave that base at all. ive already went to my save files and tried to see if i can go back but it seems like i didnt have autosave on or something since i had no backups, can anyone help?

use tablet

what do you mean tablet, where can i find it?

you get it from secret base

The tablet is only used to leave from secret bases lmao. Not for other locations

oh no

then your stuck man sorry

You could try leveling with the memory chamber in dexnav. Outside of that, I’m not too sure of your options. Good luck finding your way out.

even with a lucky egg its gonna take me a while to lvl up my 65+ team with the straight 50s team i would fight in the dexnav but at least i have a wat to move forward, thank you guys