Help. I think?

  • replace tail with anchor
  • keep the tail

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This maybe one of the time i torture myself lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That looks SICK

thank you

whoever made the original d hax sprite they must be a damn good spriter making chains is hard(for me)

I think it was Echo, but idk

I’m bad with noses, so I just… don’t draw them unless it’s a snake or something



  • pic1
  • pic2

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what did you use to make that sprite

how did you make the sprite

importec mega hax sprite and editted to look like md hax

ohh… thx

eh no prob

rising artist one above all would like to battle…JK

oof. lmao

in my opinion, if you can… you should convert the axe face to a anchor face

no tooo bad

no prob… the sprite is still good