Help I need a ditto for masuda method

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: shiny drifloon holding an IV stone

Request: A delta ditto or regular ditto with 0 or 1 speed IV that is not asian (so that I can breed some shinies)

Further info:Hi! I’m finding it really difficult to find any pokemon to masuda method so if you have a ditto that suits the conditions, let me know. Thanks!

turns out, i do have one. how’s this? I’m from the US so it should work properly :))

It’s perfect :slight_smile: what’s your trading name

Also let me know what time your ready :))

Hey just a heads I have some stuff to do like 2.5 hrs later so I won’t be there to trade 2.5 hrs later

sure, i can do now if im not too late?

I was actually gonna start my work now :(( I am free tomorrow though

By tomorrow I mean like 12 to 13 hrs later

Lmao I just realized we’re both potatoes

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no problem, also i might not be up in 12hrs (its currently 2pm, im in ET)

hahaha ayy i didnt realize either xD gg

would you be free tmrw in about 22hrs? (aka 12pm ET)

Hmm will 20 hrs do?

i might have a meeting then, so i’ll lyk. We can aim for then tho :))

K just tell me when you are ready to trade
I have some stuff to do now so I gotta go

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hey im ready right now to trade

also whats ur trade ame


hey im free right now so lets trade its been 22 hrs

sorry i had a bunch of work so i died for a solid day ;-; . I’m still up for this trade tomorrow, so lmk when you’re on!

Sure, np I’m free between 10am ET to 1pm ET so we can trade then. Also I still don’t know your trade name.

His trade name is hulaunicorns

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