Help for Pokedex completion

Trading Name: CosmicAngel

Offer: Make me an offer that’s reasonable and hopefully I won’t need them for breeding or competitive play. I’m very generous.

Request: Seviper, any member of the Porygon line, or any member of the Fennekin line.

Further info: This is for Pokedex completion, and these Pokémon are exclusive to Friend Safari. It would help me out tremendously. Thanks.

i can do that for you. just tell me when you are ready to trade.

nothing, im ready now, if y 7ou want.

Dude I’m so sorry for playing comment tag with you like this. I am currently available to trade during the next 6 hours.

im ready now, lets go i guess?

Sure. Hop online.

oof sorry, im on now. sorry bout that

Awesome. Lemme log in.

Is your username just mewman658 or is it different?

just mewman658


It still says “Waiting…” on my screen. Is that normal?

no, uh is it stuck? if not just press x and try again.

Ok that’s what I did.

You might have to re-login as well.

i did

Yep. I see it now. I accepted your trade request, but nothing is coming up on my end… It’s as if you do not have any Pokemon…image

just exit when that happens every time, its a common bug. immediately exit if it happens

exit again, it happened on my end

weve gotta enter at relativly the same time, so when i say go, go. reply when ready.