Help for how to get Insurgence on Mac - TO YOU


I actually don’t have a question, but I was able to get Pokemon Insurgence and if your looking on the Questions-Section you might have problems getting it on Mac. So… I wanna play this now so I´ll keep it short but if you have questions don’t hesitate to “reply”.
Now what I did is, installing the Windows program after putting this: curl -S “” | bash
in Terminal.
Go to this Website: and install the download on bellow because this is Wine and Winebottler. It is safe (I hope you’ll trust me with this) and it tells you to move both of the applications to your applications folder.
It installed and it takes some time. Now what I did after, was installing the Windows version (quick reminder: it has like more than 700 MB - look for your Mac´s capacity before doing this).
Open Wine in Applications and it will apere on you Menubar.
Now go to your Windowsfile of Insurgence (it will either not be a zip-file or it will be a zip-file - in that case I recommend getting an extractor from Appstore) and click on it, and there is a “Game.exe”. That’s the thing you want. Go on right click/two-fingers click and hit run. Now wait some seconds and after that, Wine will start. It takes a couple of seconds because it want to start the applications.
Now if your computer gets hot, try to just completely shut it off because it already had stuff to download. (Its tired in a way ;))

Note: I did this on my freaking Mac Mojave and it WORKED. Hope it does for you too :slight_smile:
Second Note: I haven´t tried doing this with Uranium, but it works the same if you do it with Empyrean (PLEASE PLAY THAT GAME - IT`S FREAKING AWSOME) - You can get it here:

Use the Mega-Link (just that download link)

Have fun!

With regards Rahul


I wasnt able to try this method because my computer detected malware in the wine download