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Hey there.
So recently I just started a new playthrough of insurgence after a long time. After having been defeated by the Reukra in the champion battle in my last playthrough, I quit playing Insurgence for a long time. So, to avoid that failure again, I want some help in deciding what pokemon I should use for the champion battle this time around. For Information, I plan on Cathing Every Delta Pokemon that you can get till the elite four and I am going to use them and them only.

All help is appreciated. :smile:

It might be a good idea to get an ice type with good sp. defence for mega Flygon, so delta gardevoir or maybe even gallade could do well, although I prefer d. gardevoir, mainly because thunderbolt and ice beam are generally better moves than icicle crash and wild charge.

A strong fighting type sweeper would also be good to take care of kyrem, armoured tyranitar and d. hax. Personally, I would go with Blaziken, but since you seem to want to use deltas, mega d. bisharp might be best. A super effective high jump kick should be enough to take them out (I think, but I could be wrong). You could also have a set up pokemon to baton pass hone claws onto it to raise its accuracy and damage.

So then we get onto delta volcarona. There isn’t very much for me to recommend since it has no weaknesses. I would hit it with mainly physical moves, and hopefully inflict some sort of status condition on it, probably either sleep or being frozen.

Although this doesn’t use a delta, it would use a new mega, so maybe you could consider it? You could use mega donphan instead of d. bisharp and you would be able to hit d. volcarona with a super effective earthquake because of its ability. Due to delta volcarona’s physical defence stat being not much more than average, and mega donphan’s amazing attack stat, that could be a pretty much guaranteed OHKO. This also kind of applies to delta Haxorus as well since it would also be super effective. It should probably be able to tank an aqua tail since although it is super effective, mega donphan has a crazy defence (150).

This would leave you unable to use delta bisharp as a mega, but it could be still be useful with a life orb or an item that boosts attack, as well as having a baton passer with agility or something similar.

Then we get onto shadow mewtwo. My counter for this would depend on whether you decide to use mega donphan. Delta metagross (spider) seems to be a solid bug type, shadow mewtwo’s 4x weakness, however it is also part ground so would only work without mega donphan to avoid repeated types.

My other solution would be to use d. Chandlure as it has a good sp attack stat and a stab super effective moonblast could be enough to take it out, especially with a pixie plate.

So I believe that that would be able to take him out, although I don’t really remember my own battle with him clearly so I’m not 100% sure it would work, but it’s worth a try right?

Thanks for your detailed reply :smile:. I will definitely consider your suggestions but there is still a long way to the champion battle so i may change the types of pokemon im willing to use. Nonetheless, thanks for your help.

An option for a “100% deltas” is delta Scizor. You get it quite early in the game (Route 3) and with Close Combat can one-shot even armored Tyranitar, d. Haxorus and Kyurem. It also does a fair chunk of damage to d. Volcarona due to sheer power. Sadly it’s not fast enough to deal with mega Flygon (at least mine wasn’t lol)

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Scarfed Delta Scizor did wonders to me. It with the help of Delta Chandelure and something for Delta Volcarona can kill the whole champion team with ease.

I already have delta scyther so i am planning to use delta scizor for the battle. Thanks for the additional info.

It’s worth pointing out that Delta Scyther is actually better than it’s evolved state. Base 110 atk with Hustle hits for more than base 130 with Tough Claws. The 20 base defense loss isn’t significant, but if you are that worried about it you can give D. Scyther an eviolite to have significantly higher bulk. Scyther’s base 105 speed is going to be doing you much more than Scizor’s base 65.

You’re technically right but I still miss 3 times in a row stuff like Leech Seed (supposedly 90% accurate) so I can’t bring myself to actually recommend lowering your own accuracy lol

Hustle is powerful, but might as well be called “gamble”. Especially with Icicle Crash, Delta Scizor can be more reliable.

I guess I just don’t really see an issue with it. The only reason that Scizor is even remotely viable is because of Swords Dance + priority, which is something it’s delta variant doesn’t have access to.

If this team is specifically for the champ, the only thing Delta Scizor is outspeeding on his team is the T-Tar. Specs Kyurem, Mewtwo, D. Hax and Flygon all one shot it. This mean you either have to run it on a hail team for ice cleats, run a choice scarf with a jolly nature with at least 108 speed ev’s, or take a turn to use agility just to be useful. Even if you run sash, the sandstorm kills it at the end of the turn. On top of that, the only mon it can safely click agility on is D. Volcarona unless you are on hard difficulty where it carries Fire Blast.

If you are going to take a turn to make this mon viable with a set-up move than why not just take the better D.Scyther and use that same wasted turn to click Hone Claws, which puts a +1 Hustle boosted Icicle Crash at 96% acc. If that 4% chance to miss still scares you, just run a moon setter in which case it doubles to 119.5% accuracy and 2x atk.

To give context on how much better it is, CC from an adamant max invested Scizor with a life orb is hitting Kyurem for 202% after it takes a turn to agility. CC from adamant max invested Scyther with a life orb is hitting Kyurem for 207% without having to waste a turn on setup. If you take the turn to Hone Claws it jumps up to 310% or 413% under New Moon.

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Wrong, if you use Miracle Eye, THEN it will become weak to Psychic, you E