Help evolving my Eevee into Glaceon please!

Trading Name: nyancheetos

Offer: eevee

Request: anything- it’s a temporary trade, so you’ll get it back anyway

Further info: I just got to Suntouched City, and I looked up that you can only get Glaceon from Victory Road, which means I’d have to wait the whole game :frowning: If someone could please level up my eevee once in the frost area of Victory Road so it evolves, then trade it back to me, I’d be super grateful!!

you should never, EVER evolve your eevee in this game, it has its own mega and there is an old lady that teaches it special moves for its mega

I know about Mega Eevee, but I kind of wanted to use a Glaceon…but if you say so, I’ll hold out.
(I’m doing a nuzlocke, so I wanted my Eevee to have a bit of bulk so it can take hits as things start to get higher leveled, but if mega Eevee comes soon enough I’ll use it)

you get mega eevee in helios city which is pretty soon, plus it has the ability called protean maxima or something like that which transforms eevee into one of its eeveelutions depending on the type of the move, so you can teach it ice beam using the old granny i mentioned (who is also in helios city, and gaea town) to teach it ice beam and so it can transform into glaceon

If you still want a glaceon, I would be happy to evolve it for you. Just tell me when you are ready to trade (if you still do want to trade)

If you really want a Glaceon, but you also want to keep your Eevee, I have a Glaceon that I could give you permanently. I evolved it for the dex, but I don’t use it.

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