Help, Error in Graphics folder or something else?

I’ve been playing the game for over a year now and have been very eager and somewhat patient in waiting for 1.2 but ever since the 1.2 update, my game has been full of bugs and I hope that I can have some answers and solutions here. Since the patch update that was suppose to reduce bugs and game errors, my game keeps displaying "HM7 NEW CLASSES line:41 RuntimeError occured Load Library: MGC_Hmode7" everytime I click play on the launcher. Anyeone know a fix or solution for this? I haven’t been able to play the game at all and would really like to solve this as soon as possible so I can play again. And to get to Amphitrite City:)

Download the core, the launcher is currently very unstable.

The core huh? So does that mean I have to reinstall the whole game, which by the way took two whole days to download and install?

Kind of new to this too so if I ask alot of questions please pardon me…

I’m pretty sure yeah. If that’s too slow you can try to use a mirror.