Help Choosing Team Member

I’ve just beaten Harmony, the 4th gym leader, but only a few pokemon in my team are actually doing work. Here is my team:
(all pokemon are lvl 50)
Joker (Gengar) @ Lucky Egg
-Shadow Ball
Spreads sleep, does OK damage and can cripple bosses with curse.
Stormer (Flygon) @ Flygonite
Levitate (Amplifier)
-Earth Power
-Bug Buzz
-Ancient Roar
-Drakon Voice
Absolute MVP, hard carries me through bosses. Got nerfed though.
Nexus (Delta Venusaur) @ Exp. Share (Leftovers)
Psycho Call
meh. Can’t set up because I didn’t teach Calm Mind for some reason, is an ok tank.
Cleaver (Delta Scizor) @ Leftovers (Choice Scarf)
Tough Claws
-Icicle Crash
-Night Slash
-Psycho Cut
-Low Sweep (Cross Chop)
Destroyed Lugia, one of my favorite fakemons.
Predator (Kabutops) @ Leftovers
Battle Armor
-Aerial Ace
-Aqua Jet
I REGRET getting this on my team. Its gen 6 movepool is so bad, only physical stab being Aqua Jet. As its good TMs are only post game, I’ll dump it for almost anything.
Antwoman (Durant) @ Leftovers (Life Orb)
-Iron Head
A powerful finisher with amazing typing, I don’t think this will leave.

Kabutops and Delta Venusaur are extremely underwhelming compared to the rest of my team. Venu might stay if I can change its movepool, but Kabutops is kicked. What should I replace it for?

Dont use hypnosis for Delta Venusaur and use something like psycho boost (Lvl 53) and for replacement of Kabutops use Delta Axew from Miara Town later on in your journey after the 4th Gym Badge or Magnemite and evolve into Magnezone in whirl islands (Also from Whirl Islands, near Miara Town) or Delta Muk from Brodcast Tower (Minimize, Earthquake, Recover and any other move you like)

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Thanks for the help, I just beat the 4th gym so I’ll get a delta Haxorus.

I recommend Magnezone, personally.

I also recommend Volcarona, because it can carry you through gym 5 & 6. (Both are weak to Fire and Bug, both of Volcarona’s types)
I recommend teaching Volcarona Bug Buzz, Giga Drain, Flamethrower/Fiery Dance, and whatever other move you want. You can get Larvesta from a trade in Roggan, iirc.

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The problem with Mag is that I already have Durant, a bug/ steel, and Hax is neutral to fire and has its weaknesses of ground, fighting and electric covered by Gengar and Flygon. Having another fire weakness would be kinda bad if flygon is down. Volcarona could work, but bug offence is Durant’s territory. I’m lacking fire, but water seems better.

If you want a fire-type, i advise you arcanine, a safe bet.
For water-type, there is plenty of choice. Personally, i prefer swampert and milotic for their robustness.

Magnezone has access to Magnet Rise, reducing that quad ground weakness to 0x, for a few turns.

Volcarona also gets Giga Drain, to cover its weakness to rock

Its the fire weakness that would bother me, I have two levitate users.

me: running a D. Froslass

Everything: ._.
That froslass: ^-^

Durant is quad weak to fire, one of the Infernal Cult’s PRIMARY typings.
and uh…
gengar gets yeeted late-game by uh… big boi.

It would combo well with delta hax, who at least neutrals it and hits back like a truck.

cough by big boi i mean big dragon ghost kaiju god. cough