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Help cannot beat Nyx

Hi there i need help with Nyx i am on normal diffculty my team is
delta gardevoir:level 86 move set: blizzard, ice beam, thunderbolt, thunder item:(mega stone)
delta bisharp: level:86 move set: high jump kick, cross chop,a custom fire move,sky drop item: mega stone
delta blastoise:level 93 move set:aura sphere,focus blast, darkpulse, knock off item: mega stone
delta snorlax level 85 move set: wood hammer, earthquake,razor leaf,body slam leftovers
delta metagross spider level 85 move set: gunk shot, toxic, earthquake,x scissor item mega stone
delta haxorus:level 85 moveset: hydro pump,aqua tail, crunch,heavy slam.

What do you actually need? Your team seems pretty set for Nyx already.

You might want to take a ghost type for the kangaskan and you should get rid of the mega stones in everything except gard because that’s the mon you’ll be using the most. Also take away thunder and blizzard in it for maybe shadow ball if it can learn it.

i need one of the two moves in ur opinion which should i remove for shadowball

i almost ko every pokemon then my pokemon faints before i get the chance to finish the job she full restores

Bring lots of healing. The types that beat her team are largely ice and electric and except for her kanganskan high is weak to ghost.

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when i am close to ko the kangskhan she full restores

Could you clarify your team please? Make a list like this sample:

Delta Gardevoir
Item: Choice Scarf
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
IVs: 0 Atk
Nature: Timid
-Ice Beam
-Earth Power

And then continue on. That would be very helpful for me to easily spot what can be improved.