Help building all delta team in game

I have been trying to build an all delta team, but at the point that I am in the game most of the deltas have overlapping typings. If anyone could help me form move sets for my current delta pokemon that would really help.
I currently have
Delta Gardevoir (shiny) timid 252 speed 254 sp.Atk 4 def
Calm Mind
Ice Beam
Focus Blast
Thunder bolt
(this is the only one I ev trained and have a moveset for)
delta venasuar
delta roserade
delta aipom
delta sunkern
delta lotad
delta scyther
delta muk
delta crustle (cake)

Out of what you have available right now. Delta Gardevoir, Delta Crustle(fairy), Delta Sunflora, and Delta Ludicolo are all really strong. You will be able to pick up more Deltas as you continue but this should give you a good start with no type overlap.

what sets should I use?

D.Gardevoir set you have is fine if you are fine with it. I prefer Moonblast over Calm Mind but whatever. D.Crustle should run an Adamant Nature with (Shell Smash, Return, Play Rough, and a coverage move).
D.Sunflora should be running a Quiet Nature with (Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, and Wildfire).
D.Ludicolo should be running Modest/Timid with (Psychic, Scald, Fake Out, and Aura Sphere).
These are just what I use feel free to change them around. You have 2 possible megas with this team those being D.Sunflora and D.Gardevoir. Both are strong in their own right so use what you want.