Help Beating East

I need help beating East I have

D Gardevior lv46 Growl, Ice Beam, Thunder Shock, Shock wave

D Ludicolo lv43 Psyshock, Future Sight, Aura Sphere, Water Pulse

D Pidgeot lv42 Wing Attack, Glare, Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance Holding King’s Rock

D Blastoise lv48 Iron Defense, Knock Off, Aura Sphere, Protect Holding D Blastoisinite

D Muk lv49 Earthquake, Sandstorm, Bulldoze, Magnitude Holding Exp share

D Ambipom Nasty Plot, Double Hit, Shadow Punch, Night Shade

I think you can buy a Choice Scarf for Delta Gardevoir, and the Thunderbolt TM from the Department Store. If you can also slot Moonblast from the move relearner and Earth Power, you’ll be set for the game. That alone should be enough to beat East. I would also recommend replacing some of Muk’s Ground type moves with Rock Slide, Recover, and Toxic. If you also give D. Blastoise Dark Pulse over Knock Off, you’re pretty much set. D. Pidgeot could be replaced if you want, since you already have a Dark type in D. Blastoise.

yeah does D Siczor work instead of D pigeot

That works, though if you have D. Scyther, it’s generally better.