Hellooww! Can you hear me?

Hello, I’m new in the forum, I just started Pokemon insurgence last week. Have fun and thank to the creators for this amazing game. :smiley:

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Helloooooowwww I can heeeaaarrr yoooouuuuu

Lol, but hey man, great to have you here. I’m Serenity as everyone likes to call me. :slight_smile: Hope to see you around.

(P.S. I can make an avatar for you if you ever need one. Just name a pokemon ;))

OOOOH Could you make a Raichu one for me plz? :3

Sure. I’m making a bunch for a request post, so I’ll add that to the list

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No, try louder again? This game is really awesome

Could I please have a shiny greninja avatar, cuz I just grabbed a sprite off google for my avatar here.

make him one :wink: