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Hello im back

hi im jerewryy! its been a while since i last got online so i might as well do an introduction. i live in the east coast and im currently in middle school. my fav musical artist is trippie redd and my fav youtuber is imdontai

im not a big fan of pokemon but my friend recommended pokemon insurgence to me and i was so hooked i finished the game in like a week lol :sweat_smile:. my fav pokemons are probably volcarona and bisharp. i dont play other pokemon games but i did play pokemon emerald once on an emulator and that was pretty fun. i suck at competitive pokemon so i dont play it i just like the stories :smiley:.

its been almost a year since i last got on the forums. i guess i just lost motivation to play the game since i basically did everything. because of that, i eventually stopped getting on the forums but i wanted to play through this game at least one more time just for fun so here i am!


Well, I hope that you enjoy your stay while you are back. Good luck with your playthrough as well.


Ayyyee. Welcome back


people who finished insurg in 2 hr

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Ayyyyyyye! Nice to see you back!


hello,nice to meet you

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