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Hello, I am cursed

I have figured out that I am cursed to never beat more than one gym a day. This curse that I have is becoming more and more agonizing as I get further into Pokemon Insurgence. I’m at the fifth gym and I was able to beat it after a long and tedious battle. Very satisfying. Especially when two of Anastasia’s Pokemon are a Klefki with Substitute/T-wave/Swagger and the almost cheap Electivire with Ice Punch/Double Team. There is a reason evasive raising moves are banned in competitive. Freeze is just the better sleeping status, ice punch’s 10% chance was more than enough to screw me over. When the fight was over, I realized that I had time to finally beat another Gym Leader. I celebrated while also preparing by winning funds at Sonata Hill, EV training, and prepared by the levelmonger. This excitement would not last long. After I was done with the Level Trainer, I made a horrible mistake. I closed the game. At first, I stood at my screen with my eyes open. Then I thought,

“Surely it autosaved, right?”

During this calamity, My curse brought two of its friends. Karma and self-doubt. I remembered the patch notes I was reading this afternoon to make sure I had the latest version of the game. I couldn’t remember the whole thing, but what I did remember was as follows, “Auto-save will be removed, so make sure to save often!” At this moment, three things happened, my heart dropped, I became devastated, then I felt obvious, yet still cringeworthy, rage. However, this wouldn’t be the end of me. I wouldn’t allow it to be the end of me. Right now, Pokemon Insurgence is still running at the time before I beat Anastasia. Luckily, at a time like this, I realized something. I hit rock bottom, one of the top ten worse possible case scenarios. The curse might’ve bested me, and I had nowhere to go, but up once more. I picked myself up from the dump and, as I type this, prepared to fight her again.

For whatever reason, the website decided to crash and I had to write half of this rant again. I’ve learned to not give up though.


I- Uh- Wow. Just WOW. You wrote that whole thing. AND DIDN’T JUST GO ON EASY MODE. Just kidding. I can’t beat the champion with my pretty good team… ON EASY MODE. Yeah, I suck.


Hi, cursed, nice to meet you!
In all seriousness, I get your frustration. It’s always painful when you have to restart an important/tough battle because you forgot to save. Feel for ya, man.

Welcome to the community, though!


Yeah, I can relate to your pain. I EV trained ~20 mons, then grinded IV Stones for all of them, left, then realized I hadn’t saved since EV training the 5th mon.

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