Hello from SerperiorIsSuperior

Hi, I’ve been playing Insurgence for a bit, so I thought I would make an account.

I don’t know what to put here, so I’ll put in some random stuff.

Name: Harry Gender: ??? Born: 200 000 BCE Hobbies: Making puns? Some people think my puns are PUNishments, but personally I think they’re eggcelent.

Get out



Feels good to be accepted. Lol

Press f12! (don’t) .-.

Welcome to the forums person I definitely have no idea who is.

@Shaymin Thanks, person I have no idea who is. :wink:

I guess to the contrary of being Regal your good at puns. Look at the bulabpedia page

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What happens if i do

Well played, well played.

It quick saves your game

No, it soft resets it.

Welcome to the forums, Serperior. Hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile:

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puns in portuguese means farts :v .-. welcome shuhauhsuahs

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That is amazing