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Hehe boi :)

just solved a megaminx WITHOUT A TUTORIAL under like 4 hours
not lying ask my mom

heh my brain matter is improving
anyways not that good at it
will need practice to understand it fully
u know what i used literally used a original 3x3 rubix cube algorithm but just did it 3 times not that hard

I did this

white cross
f2l to solve white side
make stars and solve the sides touching the the white side+f2l
idk what i did to solve black side lmao

I want to ask your mom.

idk if you would believe my mom since u asked

that question

but ok… dont mind different language im on phone

నా కొడుకు దాన్ని పరిష్కరించాడు

translation pls note im translating it in the way i translate

my son solved it

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Wait… those things are supposed to be hard?
Anyway, congrats.