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Haxorus Volcarona & Aegislash Purple Recolors

haxorus purple haxorus purple backspritehaxorus purple walking sprites
purple volcarona
purple aegislashpurple aegislash sword
Edit: I kinda gave up on making these so sorry to disappoint lol


Damn, did u do those yourself, they look so cool

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Thanks! And yes I did do them myself (Volcarona and Aegislash I recolored each pixel, but for Haxorus, I found a trick which makes it 100x easier)

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Damn, u should also do back sprites for them lmao

yea I plan on recoloring the walking sprites and icons as well, but I still don’t know how to make them transparent lol

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Damm! I am defenetly using them! That new Volcarona would make an amazing Shiny. It feels like a lunar version.

Amazing job

dude stop necroing
i told ya 15 times

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again, please PM the op if you want to appreciate their work if the topic was 14 days older or more

anyways @jerewryy i went ahead and made my own volcorona backsprite, if you dont mindlunar volc
i also edited the original volcorona sprite slightly