Have you got a random shiny?

in my whole life i have got a few shinies
1.- a exploding voltorb in SS
2.- a zubat when i was stucked in a cave for a month
3.- some weird pokemon in uranium
4.- recently a couple of pokes i bred
5.- and now this in pokemon titan the rival of pokemon insurgence having an awesome story and hiatus 4 everyone even thought from all the shinies i could get it was an abra my heart almost stopped but when i catched it i learn that in gen 7 with this level it can have more moves other than teleport even when i catch it with just one great ball it was cool.
the kids will never know the heart attack of getting a shiny abra in my times

I got:

  1. Tirtouga from the fossil guy
  2. Binacle in a friend safari while looking for frogadiers

The only shiny I have seen is back in My first play through of diamond when I found a shiny kriketune! I knew something was off about it, but since it was a kriketune and I was young, I killed it :(. The shiny gods have not bestowed another upon me since…

Only random one:

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Nora had a shiny mega flygon T_T

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Here’s proof of one of the times ‘^’

I got a shiny Gligar in Uranium and a Makuhita in Insurgence. Makuhita whirlwinded me tho

LOL you really have bad luck that waste of shiny chances with audinos , the ugly shiny barbaracle and tirtouga well its like the shiny garchomp or togekiss

damn thats something bad to happen even with a kricketune

It uses gen 6 Tirtouga, which makes it teal. The difference is noticeable.

nice the gligar is cool more as a radioactive poke

many of you have gotten green shinies .w. i wonder why its an awfull color

A shiny zigzagoon in Sapphire (I never knew the difference) Shiny hariyama in zeta Diglett in Insurgence

i had a shiny stoutland in my team in pokemon b/w

Shiny ralts. It teleported and that happened two months ago but I still think about it.

That’s why I always have a Shadow Tag mon on my team when grinding psychics

Yeah, makes sense

I’ve only ever gotten two random shinies, funnily enough both in Insurgence Randomizers: Dusknoir in Suntouched Exitway, and Gastly in the safari zone.