Have a delta female ralts

Trading name: MillieMalone

Offer: Delta female ralts

Request: any other delta that isnt psychic/fairy/ground/water/electric/grass. might need a pure ice/ an ice with no secondary (types i wrote i dont want) type.

Further info: her electric type got overlapped, so yeah…

I would love to trade, have a bunch of snowrunts and can breed whatever for ya, name im_anderman, lmk, discord is ajskenston#3141

Snorunts would be great, do you have a female one?

I dont, traded them away :frowning:

you can pick any delta and i will breed it for you for free
use discord for faster response mar|bagiet#4143

@m4rskyyy a delta pidgey, perhaps?

also what timezone are you guys in?

Did you still want a female delta snorunt? I have too many now thinking I had to have a male delta snorunt to evolve it into delta glalie(thought it was like with delta gallade). Otherwise, to wondertrade they go lol.

cet idc what u give me i have full dex

@eevee1apony I would really love a female delta snorunt!

No problem, did you want to set up a time to do the trade?

depends on what timezone u are


Ah, my timezone is WIT(western indonesia time) so we might not be able to be online at the same time

Big oof

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