Have 10 Delta Larvesta's that I don't need

Trading Name: Tboss78

Offer: 2IV/3IV/4IV Delta Larvesta

Request: Iv stones, Rare candies, Dream mists, Anything like that

Further info: Just bred them, Defiant ability


i would like to get 1. for maybe (a) rare candy or heart scale(s)

A heart scale would be nice. What is your trading name?

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sorry i am not ready now might take 1hr 14 min + .

ok, no problem. Just let me know later.

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ok so u ready to trade . and can i get the 4 iv larvesta .(btw i am @devil)

Give me 10 minutes. Need to catch kyogre

Hey can you trade one with me ?

Sure, are you on now?

I wont be able to in 20 minutes so now or in 2 hours

See I am in India so you know the time is a little different . Please tell me the location where you are at and one more thing I just don’t have a lot of things to trade with u as I am a newbie . I love VOLCARONA that’s why I asked . So please can we set the time accordingly . Thanks .

Im in croatia and it is currently 8 PM. We can trade now and you can send me just any trash mon

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