Haunter for Haunter trade

Trading Name: JLan

Offer: Level 25 Female Haunter (hypnosis, shadow punch, nightshade)

Request: level 25 haunter male/hardy. i am willing to trade yours back if youd like! I was messing around with gts and now my haunter is locked in to that specific offer and i cant cancel.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Firstly, you don’t need to trade with other people for haunter to evolve in this game (for future reference). There is a certain feature called the Witchdoctor that evolves mons that require to be evolved by trade for you. This is within the Black Market, before the 2nd gym, within Helios City.

The Witchdoctor resides in the eastern-most house in the Black Market. This character creates special powders which allow the player to evolve Pokémon that would normally evolve through trade, assuming that all of their trading conditions have been met." (Pokémon wiki) https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Black_Market

As for GTS, do not use as you have seen now. It will eat your mons. I would gladly help you get a lvl 25 haunter.

i appreciate the response! I was not aware of that but very good to know! I’m online now if you are free! I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Yea, I am on, just need to train the gastly, will take a small bit. Also, it is female, is that fine?

Im like 90% sure it has to be a male :confused: i was just clicking through the gts to look at all the options and im pretty sure i hit enter on male and hardy when i was putting the trade up do to them being the default options if you don’t scroll through. if the options dont lock in the trade and it can still go through im fine either way!

Ohhh. I see. May be a while longer then. XD

thats perfectly fine i appreciate it either way! i wont be touching gts again xD

Did you get it back, because it seems that it does not show up now. I clicked on the offer and then kicked me out of the game. XD

its still showing up under “my trades” and i do not have an option to accept any offers or anything yet

I think it is lost to the GTS. Errm…I can just give you the Haunter with the moveset…you had before, if ya want? (by regular trading)

you would do that? That would be awesome! I dont have too much to offer (that you would want anyway) but i can trade you one of my mains! Haunter was one of my best atm

Just pick one of your worst mons (nothing in particular, it’s fine) and we can do the trade. I’ll even put a special attacking move of choice for the last slot in the moveset. Trading Username: XanderTheMerc19

thats very kind of you, thank you! Mine is the same as my username here (JLan) i am online now!

Ok, I’ll ready and will get to trading now.

if you want any of the others let me know i can switch them

Please don’t exit the tab mid-trade XD

There we are, hope you are happy with that Haunter (should be Gengar now), I put Psychic on it (for moving boulders). Hope you are happy with it! :smiley:

i apologize! still getting used to this game and all its cool quirks! Thank you so much for your help! Hopefully soon i can help a few noobies like myself xD

No problem! Have fun with the game! :smiley:

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