Has anyone caught shiny shadow mewtwo

I was looking at armoured mewtwo on the wiki and it showed shadow Mewtwo and it’s mega evolution. Then I looked at its shiny. Now I’m wondering if anyone has caught a shiny shadow Mewtwo.

yea, I’m pretty sure someone on the discord has one

cool, do you have a picture of it?

sadly, no but if you have discord you can look for them there

i dont have discord :(((

All graphics can be found within the game folder.

This is the Shiny Shadow Mewtwo

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Know this q was answered already, but yeah my friend Nir has seen and caught shiny shadow mewtwo.

Nothing is shiny locked in the game, and that includes the pokken mons like red lucario (can confirm, as I just found one myself 2 weeks ago) and shadow mewtwo :))

if you’re hunting em, good luck!

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Did you catch a shiny red Lucario!? If so how does it look? I have the regular red Pokken pokemon but never seen them shiny

I also have one, took around 15000 resets or so back when it was first added to the game.

can you show me a picture? i’d love to see it for myself

wait are you refering to the shiny pokken pokemon or shiny shadow mewtwo?

Shiny Shadow Mewtwo ^^ I’m interested in hunting for the Pokken mons, but haven’t bothered to yet.

oh ok. can you get more pokken pokemon if you beat the e4 rematch?

Ah ye, here’s the red lucario :))
It took me about a month and a half, and my friend ended up getting it for me xD. I also got extremely lucky w pokepon and got timid in like 6 tries.

you can also check ur graphics folder for the other shiny pokken mons (for future ref) but here’s what they look like:

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they look amazing! i didnt even know they existed

What is that Lucario?

That and the Shiny Shadow Mewtwo are so dope. I’m shiny hunting in this second run I am playing and these two are officially on my must hunt list!

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Sorry if this is annoying but please don’t revive dead posts

bruh its been 7 months.
anyways that silver lucario is the shiny version of red(or poken) lucario. its a special mon you get as a gift from the in-game 1ofthe4rocketbros if you beat the league without having a single mon faint

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ayy @poke long time no see lol

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