Hardest Game

Can you say the Hardest Pokemon game you’ve played
Mine is

  1. Radical Red
  2. Blue Kaizo
  3. Emerald Kaizo
  4. The Last Fire Red
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Mine is reborn

I didnt played it yet

Its nice its VERY hard though.

Pokemon Volt White 2 challenge mode is so insane

But without challenge mode its easy

I will play and check if I can even complete Gyms

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  1. Rad Red (without Minimal Grinding Mode, with min grind mode its not hard at all)
  2. Insurgence (on Hard Mode)
  3. Pokemon Fire Red Omega (rom hack made by the epic drayano)
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Fire red omega is not so hard

Thats not true at all xd. I found it extremely hard, but yeah, tbf, if you have the right team it can be pretty easy

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Yes thats always correct except for Radical Red .

No matter what pokemons I choose I just cant beat the lavender town’s maroark . Thats so tough

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Try doing Insurgence in a No Faint Run in Hard mode. I managed to get to the first Mega Rayquaza battle, but I didn’t get a Focus Sash, so I’m stuck.

There is also Mind Crystal, designed to be next to impossible. Imagine HGSS, but every trainer has max IV and max EV in all stats. Also, starting at first gym included, the leader and major battles have competitive teams and sets. Little bonus, you cannot use items in-between E4 Fight as your trainer is automatically moving to the next battle and cannot use its bag. Pokémon also have different types: Starraptor is Flying/Fighting and Pikachu is Electric/Fairy for example. That completely blow your ability to recognize types out of the window.

Did you ever played Pokemon Blue Kaizo .

In the first battle against rival he has a mew !

And also in the final battle rival’s pokemon are at Lv115 . The player’s pokemon can only reach Lv100 at maximum

I see. SeEmS lEgIt.

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Circular Knowledge. It’s a short game, but its given me so much frustration.

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Yeah very high frustration

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Never played any of the hard ones but Insurgence was annoying even on easy mode

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Like said " most of games " are easy if you have correct team .

But there are some games in which best teams fail

Did anyone play The Last Fire Red

The Battle with Eroyal Boy is is… sooo annoyingggg …