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Hardest Champion in any Game

Hi . Who do you think is the hardest Champion to ever exist in any Pokemon Game .

Cynthia. No questions asked.


I think its not Cynthia but N

N have Reshiram and Zekrom

Is N a champion though?

It’s definitely Cynthia. I haven’t even played the games but she’s def the hardest.

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Beat BW without taking any damage trust me its a piece of cake

A legendary does not make u strong. But if it’s shiny makes u cool.

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N Defeated Alder right ?

The hardest Champion I ever faced was Blue in Radical Red

Even if he’s a champion, cynthias far harder. Just cause he has some stupid legends doesn’t make him hard or anything imo.

I actually found him very easy. If you have a mega gyarados up against his metagross, he won’t switch out and just hit you with bullet punch. Then, I just setted up with dragon dance, and sweeped all of his team.
besides pheromosa which was holding a focus sash

You felt him easy ? :angry: :angry: :angry:

If you felt Blue was easy just try If you can beat him in Last Fire Red (easy than Radical Red) and in Blue Kazio (I never even reached to him)

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There is also one more champion who is very hard .

Steven Stone from Emerald Kaizo is just insane

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@GiaPeNiw according to me Hardest Champions are :-

  1. Blue - Blue Kaizo , Last Fire Red , Radcial Red , Crystal Kaizo
  2. Hilbert - Volt White 2 (Challenge Mode)
  3. Red - Sacred Gold , Crystal Kaizo
  4. Steven Stone - Eemrlad Kaizo
  5. N - Volt White , Volt White 2 (Challenge Mode)
  6. Cynthia - Renegade Platinum / Iris - Volt White 2 (Challenge Mode)

What are other opinions !!! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

nonexistant champion
he’s nonexistant

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Who ?

he doesnt exist

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Who doesn’t exist ???

the champion