Hard Mode

Hello, I’ve been playing in hard mode and now I’m at the third gym (East). I’d understood from Googling that starting from the fourth gym, the leaders will have EV-trained perfect IV mons with beneficial natures, but I feel like that is already the case in the third gym? I used a Lv49 mega flygon (31IV + 150 EV on speed, neutral nature) against East’s Lv49 noivern, and was still outsped. I’m wondering if I’m missing something, or I have to start EV training already… Thx

You may have been underleveled or had bad IVs. Also I’m not sure if the EVs are like, set to 0 or if they’re just EV trained, but not entirely.

Oops forgot to mention that my flygon was same level as noivern, and has 31 IVs on speed… I’m pretty sure noivern has a beneficial nature on speed, but it wouldn’t be able to surpass mega flygon unless pretty EV-trained :confused: Argh I’m so lazy to grind EVs! haha

I assume it does have a nature with speed and most likely is partially EV trained.

Double checked and confirmed that East’s Noivern on Hard mode has 31 IVs in everything, has a Timid nature, but has no EVs.

EDIT: Can you post your exact Speed stat while Flygon is Mega evolved?

It says 165 Speed… Edit: never mind, I outsped the noivern - it might just be that I’m not super familiar with mega evolution. So when I mega evolved flygon while just starting the match with noivern, noivern hit first and I deaded. But right now I mega evolved while on the match against skarmory, defeated skarmory, and when noivern was sent in, I moved first. So I think in the prior scenario, the game was calculating speed as a normal flygon, as opposed to mega flygon :stuck_out_tongue: Thx for the help!

I plugged that into a calculator and it came out as 154 speed for the noivern. Did you gain any speed EVs since the fight?

No, when I was outsped after grinding 150 EVs, I was like flips table I’ll rematch tomorrow. So right now I just started the game, and challenged East like I did last time :slight_smile:

No I mean, after the fight did you gain more than 150 EVs, you may have gained more before showing the total Speed stat on your mega flygon.

Oh, no. When flygon fainted I just shut the game xD So whatever gain I did, I lost them because I didn’t save haha 150 EV before, and now too. But I just got outsped by Talonflame too, which I thought should have 157 speed…

Yeah, you should be outspeeding it. Maybe you got hit by a move that reduced your speed or used a negative priority move.

I used ancient roar, and talonflame used brave bird (which ko-ed flygon dammit, but I’m almost winning anyway xD)

Talonflame had gale wings and used a flying move. That has priority.

Ooooh that’s what it was! Welp my bad, and thanks for the help :smiley:

That’s actually good to know. Mega Evolution didn’t used to work this way and instead recalculated Speed stats immediately after Mega evolving (which was a “bug” prior to Gen 7’s release), so it looks like suze did some messing around with this without my knowledge.

That’s how Mega mechanics work in Gen 6, which is what this game is based off of, so that makes sense. In Gen 6, on the turn you Mega, the base form’s Speed is used, not the Mega’s speed.

to be honest, it isn’t hard to ev train, because, one: there are easy EV reset berries (only decrease evs by 10 tho), two: you have friend safari (all you have to do is find an appropriate friend safari - mine has jigglypuff), and three: you have EV increasing items in the helios department store), but hordes don’t exist in insurgence… :cry:

Yeah, EV training isn’t an issue… unless the opponent says the pokemon aren’t EV trained but actually are xD It wasn’t this case though!