Hard Mode Playthrough

So I’ve decided to do a hard mode playthrough of Insurgence and uh these are the rules

  • Set Mode
  • No items in battle
  • Trading is allowed, but only to get moves on a mon
  • I’ll trade over a few bredmons from my original save to use

So the mons I want to transfer over are:

  • D. Heatmor

  • D. Seedot

  • D. Froakie

  • D. Pikachu

  • Chatot

And a 6th mon I haven’t decided on.

Last mon choice?
  • D. Darumaka
  • D. Yanma
  • D. Kabuto
  • D. Foongus
  • D. Buneary
  • Other

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D.darm needs love

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Ha ha jokes on you I’m into that sh*t

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Lmao you deleted it

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I have made a severe, continous lapse of my judgement.


@BackInBlack d. yanma wons

nope nvm

i’ll probably give more time for everyone to vote, lets say until 5 pm est, then i’ll start breeding

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you should add a nuzlocke mode (3 lives)

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i just closed the poll, and d darumaka won. anyone got a set for d darm?

looking at this things level up moveset, we actually get decent moves early game

we also get some decent moves via tm as a d darmanitan, and the elemental punches, knock, and superpower through tutor

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his ability?

offtopic but i used to think your pfp was groudon and kyogre lol

also @GiaPeNiw can u breed me a HA D. Pika and HA D. Seedot :pleading_face:

lol yes groudon and kyogre

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@GiaPeNiw can i get a d seedot and d pika

@ezlaturbo do u have an idea for a d gren set?