Happy World Lizard Day

Happy World Lizard Day everyone!

World Lizard Day is the day where we celebrate our loved scaled friends, and teach everyone something more about reptiles.

So: Try and read up a bit about reptiles, and don’t forget to collect the new Mystery Gift waiting for you in Insurgence, available only today!

Have a nice day!



It says that no new gifts are available for me.

Will this be unavailable for Mac users as isn’t available for Mac yet?

I know how to get for Mac… Download the windows core, go into your program files and replace the new insurgence folder with the old insurgence folder and then you can do it

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No, I just hadn’t downloaded

There are more than 8000 species of reptiles on the planet.

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Dont know why but for the past 3-4 days i was unnable to enter this website and the wiki, it only gave me a “This website isnt available for the moment” message, then, yesterday i was able to enter the forum but couldnt log in and download the patch; today i decide to try and use a diferent program, i always use Opera and never befero had this issues, so i downloaded Firefox and finally i can log in and download the patch…

So my question is, if theres a way for me to get this “Happy World Lizard Day” mystery gift, or i just miss for good… hope not because i been following this game from start and until now i have all mystery gifts that has been released…

:cry: :cry:

The mystery gift it still running, so go ahead and get it while it lasts.

I just did, and thanks mate :wink:

I didn’t got it :,v

The Mystery Gift period is already over.

I had one - sadly game bugged and is locked up… bai charmander :frowning: