Happy New Year!

It has been a while since I uploaded because I am working on a slightly bigger project than usual for me. So I decided to make something real quick, and since I got a request for a Delta to go with my snorunt and Glalie I present Delta Froslass!

Delta Froslass
Type: Steel?
The New Years Ball Pokemon
Pokedex: Happy New Year!!

I know it might not look like anything special, but I still really like the way it came out.

I made it a bit bigger to see the details

This is really cool but I don’t see this being added since snorunt has a pretty similar colour scheme, unless you change that as well, and glalie doesn’t really look good with that colour scheme, since in the evolution change froslass and glalie have mostly the same colour scheme, in addition to all that this new colour scheme makes froslass look ghost type which is its normal typing so if you make the grey a bit lighter it could look like a steel type I guess.

Thank you for your input, but I wasn’t trying to get it into the the game or anything. I just did this for fun.